Practitioner Application

Awaken Healing Expo 2017

Personal Contact Info


Public Info


Healing/Reading Session Info

  • Please let us know which shifts you are volunteering for. We will schedule all sessions. All you need to do is show up the day of.
  • Your Write-up

  • Photo, title, description, bio, and contact info will be included on the expo website. One or two paragraphs for each is sufficient. We reserve the right to edit your submission. If you want us to re-use your previous information or photo, please let us know.

Talks and Events

  • We have a limited amount of speaking and group event time-slots. Not all practitioners will have one, but we will do our best to accomodate.

Expo Guide Book Ads

  • We hand-out booklets at the expo which will include your photo, name, and contact info. Please consider also placing an ad to promote yourself further. If you have an upcoming event, meetup group, or practice, this is an excellent way to advertise it. We are offering discounted ads for practitioners.
  • Practitioner agrees to supply text and royalty free or purchased artwork. Format: PDF preferred, JPGs accepted. 300 dpi preferred. There is no guarantee of the quality of the final product if not following these guidelines. Business cards can be scanned and emailed, or mailed to us. Ads may be adjusted by Awaken for best results.
  • If purchasing ads, pay online with a credit card, via paypal to, or by check to: Awaken CHE, mailed to: 45 Dogwood Ln, Horsham, PA 19044.

Practitioner Approval

  • By volunteering at the expo, you are representing yourself as well as AWAKEN. Please be professional and courteous to all clients and to other practitioners.
  • There are no candles or incense allowed in the healing/reading rooms. We will have a timekeeper. Please keep your sessions on time. You will have a few minutes between each session to clear the space, re-center yourself, or use the restroom. Please be in place on the hour and half hour. After ten minutes if no one shows, you know that you have a free block of time. If you leave the room, please be back before the next session.
  • Please keep the healing room as silent as possible. You may talk quietly with your client if necessary. If you do not have a client, please refrain from chatting with other practitioners.
  • Please keep the reading room as quiet as possible. We understand you need to talk to your client. Please do so at a reasonable volume. If you do not have a client, please refrain from chatting with other practitioners.

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